Frequently Asked Questions

What is Resistance & Liberations?2020-04-30T17:20:37+00:00

Resistance & Liberation is an engaging and authentic World War 2 multiplayer FPS that puts you in the boots of the soldiers fighting in Normandy in 1944. Our principal focus is on playable realism. We are recreating the environment, weapons and theatres of WWII battles faithfully while maintaining playability and balance. Resistance & Liberations was first a Source mod that launched back in 2007. We are, however, recreating Resistance & Liberation as a stand alone with some of the core-community members and developers from back then.

What game engine does RnL use?2020-04-30T17:25:09+00:00

Resistance & Liberation is being made on Unreal Engine 4

Is this game going to be free?2018-06-27T12:50:06+00:00

Yes, Resistance & Liberation is going to be free!

What is the minimum PC specs?2018-06-27T12:50:31+00:00

None official yet but it should be running something comparable to a core I5 2500K, 8Gigs of RAM and a GF660GT or so.

Are there going to be Vehicles?2020-04-30T17:22:49+00:00

At the moment, no. But there are a few ideas how to implement them but at the moment we’re focusing on infantry combat.

Does proximity voice chat makes a return?2020-04-30T17:21:45+00:00

Resistance & Liberation is nothing without proximity voice chat, so it will make a return! You will be able to hear your friends and foes.

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